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      The first lesson in the Year of the Ox

      Date: Feb 26, 2021 Source: Browse: 4225
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      The New Year has just passed. On the morning of February 26, all the sales staff of the company's marketing center, including domestic trade, international trade, and new product development, started the first lesson of this year at Hengfeng College.
      Combining the actual work of marketers, this training mainly focuses on the basic concepts of papermaking, papermaking process management, common problem handling, etc. as the training outline. It is intended to enrich the technical theoretical level of marketers, and improve the skills of marketers through the combination of theory and practical work. Sales expertise.
      Chen Yuxiang, the director of the company's process research department, served as the instructor. Through carefully compiled teaching plans, combined with problem cases discovered and summarized in daily work, he shared wonderful and professional training courses from a technical perspective to help everyone improve work quality and sales performance.